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Sick Visits

Mawri's Medical Clinics

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When your child isn’t feeling well and they need prompt medical attention, you can rely on the experience and availability of Faisal Mawri, MD, at Mawri’s Medical Clinics in Flint, Michigan. At his pediatric practice, Dr. Mawri offers comprehensive, compassionate care for children with colds, flu, strep throat, or infections. He and his medical team can provide on-site diagnostic testing and treatment options to help your child feel better and get back to their usual routine as soon as possible. If you need to schedule a same-day sick visit, call the office directly or use the convenient online booking feature.

Sick Visits Q & A

What are the benefits of a sick visit?

Mawri’s Medical Clinics offers a variety of options to ensure your sick child receives the care they need. The medical staff provides extended business hours to accommodate your busy schedule and help your sick child when other offices are closed.

By seeking early treatment for an illness, your child benefits by getting the medications and care they need to feel better sooner. Sick visits can also prevent the spread of infection, worsening of symptoms, and other health complications.

When should I schedule a sick visit?

Determining what’s causing your child discomfort or pain is a priority at Mawri’s Medical Clinics.

You should also schedule a sick visit if your child has:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Widespread rash
  • Uncontrollable fever
  • Changes in behavior

If you’re treating a cold or the flu for several days but your child’s symptoms get worse it may be time to schedule a sick visit to Mawri’s Medical Clinics. For newborns or infants who appear sick, it’s important to seek treatment right away to prevent additional medical complications.

For situations where you’re not sure if it’s time to seek help, contact Mawri’s Medical Clinics by phone to discuss your child’s symptoms.

What can I expect during a sick visit?

The staff at Mawri’s Medical Clinics specialize in children’s urgent care, providing short wait times and one-on-one attention during sick visit appointments.

Dr. Mawri initially discusses your child’s symptoms and performs a physical examination. In many cases, a description of symptoms helps him pinpoint the problem and create a custom treatment plan to help your child feel better.

In some cases, such as with a urinary tract infection (UTI), Dr. Mawri may need to perform additional in-office testing to confirm a diagnosis. He offers on-site blood work and urine testing to ensure you receive a fast, accurate diagnosis.

Dr. Mawri can provide prescription medications, such as antibiotics, or recommend over-the-counter pain relievers to address your child’s specific needs. He may schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure medications are working and your child’s symptoms are resolving. If your child isn’t feeling well due to the flu or other illness, schedule a sick visit with Dr. Mawri by calling the office or using the online booking feature.